Armon Apart Hotel is a unique hotel in Khujand.

Our city can offer a lot of options on where to stay, but if you need more than just a hotel, but something unusual, Armon Apart Hotel  is the first hotel of the apartment type in the center of the city, that will suit you!

Turning the perception of the accommodation facilities of our city, we offer our clients to make a small trip to distant countries. No matter what motivated you to search for hotels in Khujand - where to stay - a passion to change places, the opportunity to try something new, or a forced necessity to spend in the city a couple of days. In any case, staying in the walls of Khujand Hotel in the center will be one of the most pleasant memories.

Convenient location

Armon Apart Hotel is located at Cyrdarya street, house 7, a few steps from the beach on the street Syrdarya and 10 minutes of walk from the city center. The hotel provides the optimal conditions for hiking, admiring the sights, such as Park of "Kamoli Khujandi", "Somoni Fountains ", public swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurants, national and European cuisine, a bowling club and karaoke bar "Chelsea".

Unique design for each client

This is a truly unique hotel in Khujand, you are unlikely to meet such hotel somewhere else. Dimensions Armon Apart are quite small. There are only 14 rooms, each of them are made in a unique ethnic style. The designers of the hotel took as a basis the most beautiful and romantic capital of the world. Take a trip to France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Saudi Arabia or Africa! Carefully selected interior and unique pieces of decor of this hotel in Khujand will help to feel the culture and identity of these regions. This modern amenities will make your stay at the hotel is not only exciting, but also comfortable.

Perfect quality of  service and a wide range of services

Hospitality - this is what distinguishes us from our competitors. We strive to provide a decent level of service to fulfill the requests of guests, help settle in the city and get the best impressions from the rest. The price includes:

  • equipping with modern equipment (air conditioning, hairdryer, satellite TV);
  • access to wireless Internet;
  • washing and ironing of personal belongings of the client;
  • parking.

Beside these, we offer a range of additional services:

  • Breakfast according to customer preferences (7$);
  • lunch and dinner (order to the restaurant);
  • transfer;
  • provision of business equipment;
  • organization of excursions in Khujand;
  • reservation of table in restaurants of Khujand;
  • wedding services;
  • airline tickets.

Staying in our hotel  certainly will be a bright memory in your life, and for the question of where to stay in Khujand, you will give only one answer — of course, Armon Apart Hotel!