Dear friends! 

Today is the 21st day of our summer yoga detox marathon!!!Our girls are best – no absent classes and that is why the results are fantastically grown.Running 3-4 km,Yoga 1h 30 minPlank 4 min Breathing practice 29 min Besides for Ramadan (fasting), our girls didn’t get tired and didn’t feel hungry.Thus, detox in Ramadan month was very super effective:

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A couple from Australia has left us a  reveiw  

 We really enjoyed our stay at the Armon Apart Hotel. The apartment was spotless. The Kitchen was well equipped with microwave oven, refrigerator and crockery .

The bathroom was spacious and included a lovely deep bath .The double bad was very comfortable. The lounge room was a great place to relax and watch TV. The air conditioner worked very well which was fantastic, especially when it was quite hot outside. 


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Summer is probably the most favorite season of all travelers.

Our Khujand is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Asia year by year.

Being a transit point between the Pamir, Fannmountains, as well as other ancient and modern cities of Central Asia - Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Bishkek, Khujand became an oasis on the road of weary travelers.

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Dear friends!

We invite everyone to a movie screening of the first film (thesis) "Is this life?" of our talented and beloved director and producer MuhiddinMuzaffar, which will be held on August 29 at 19.00 in the summer garden ofArmon Apart Hotel.

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We invite everyone to the 2nd stream Summer Yoga detox retreat, which starts this Saturday from 20-30 of August and will be held in the Armon Apart Hotel.

For those who can't come to detox, but really wants to be healthier, lose weight or become younger))), we invite to a free seminar: "System of natural healing and rejuvenation of Zebunniso Solieva"

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