Dear friends! 

Today is the 21st day of our summer yoga detox marathon!!!Our girls are best – no absent classes and that is why the results are fantastically grown.Running 3-4 km,Yoga 1h 30 minPlank 4 min Breathing practice 29 min Besides for Ramadan (fasting), our girls didn’t get tired and didn’t feel hungry.Thus, detox in Ramadan month was very super effective:



1. Emphasized substantial weight loss for the period of yoga detox marathon, almost in all participants, which was from 4 kg to 12 kg.
2. Improved mobility of the spine.
3. Improvement of sleep.
4. Reduce of soreness and discomfort during the menstrual cycle.
5. Absence of headaches.
6. Diminishment of the wrinkles.
7. Significant energy boost.
8. Reduce of the waist from 5-20 cm.